Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Are you or someone (or do you know someone) who has expressed an interest in becoming Catholic?  Or, was baptized Catholic, but has not celebrated the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist?  Or were you baptized into another denomination and want to become Catholic?

Church of the Transfiguration welcomes you to participate with your questions, insights and your faith story in a warm, accepting setting. For more information please contact Fr. Tito Cartagenas, Jr., at 408-264-3600 or tcartagenas@dsj.org

Are you being called?

Do you sometimes feel that God is calling you to get more
involved? Do you have a desire to share our faith
with the next generation of Catholics? If you answered “yes” to
either of these questions, YOU might be just the person we’re looking
for and consider becoming one of our parish CO-CATECHISTS! …
Did you know that the word “Catechist” means “to echo”? Our
Catechists echo the “Word of God” to our young children & youth. If
you would like to hear more about this special ministry, please contact
Paula Ramos at (408) 823-3522 or pramos@dsj.org

Adult Faith Formation

Join us as we journey with Bishop Robert Barron


The Adult Faith Formation Series, “Catholicism”  by Bishop Robert Barron, Word on Fire Ministries, meets on the First and Third Weds. of each month from 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm in Tabor Hall. Each month a different topic is presented on DVD and a study guide workbook corresponds for each topic covered. 

For further information, please contact coordinators Skip & Gloria Barkis through the Parish Office: 408-264-3600.


Faith Formation - Children PreK to Grade 6

FAITH FORMATION SESSIONS for all children & youth Grades PreK through Grade 6 for 2016-2017
Please contact Paula Ramos, Director of Faith Formation at: (408) 823-3522 or pramos@dsj.org 

Youth Ministry Grades 7-12

YOUTH MINISTRY SESSIONS for all youth Grades 7-12 for 2016-2017


Please contact Paula Ramos, Director of Faith Formation at: (408) 823-3522 or pramos@dsj.org 




For information on Faith Formation Sessions (Preschool - Adults)

RCIC - Rite of Christian Initiation for Children,

and Sacramental Preparation please contact

Paula Ramos, Director of Faith Formation

at (408) 823-3522 or pramos@dsj.org