Message from Bishop Oscar Cantu

Statement from the Diocese of San Jose on Pastoral Care and Support for Abuse Victims/Survivors

Bishop Oscar Cantú respects the decision of those dioceses in the state, who have chosen to participate in the California Independent Victim/Survivor Compensation and Reconciliation Program.

The Diocese of San José understands that the healing process from sexual assault is unique to every individual - particularly in the cases of clerical sexual abuse. There are many avenues for responding and caring for the victims of clergy sexual abuse.

Our victim/survivor care begins by providing victims with a safe and nurturing environment, which facilitates their first step: disclosure. Specifically, our intake process is trauma-informed and is structured to provide an empowering and validating experience for the victim/survivor to be heard, to know that the Diocese believes them, and to regain control of their narrative as they begin their healing process.

Following disclosure, a partnership is established with the victim/survivor, focusing on healing and reconciliation. Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinators work directly with victim/survivors to complete an assessment and evaluate spiritual, clinical, and social services that the victim and his/her family need to support in their journey of healing and hope. Recognizing that victim/survivor needs may fluctuate over time, we offer ongoing pastoral and clinical care and support.

The Diocese of San José is not participating in the California Independent Victim/Survivor Compensation and Reconciliation Program. Victims/survivors will continue to receive assistance from the Diocese directly.

The Diocese strictly adheres to a zero-tolerance policy and promptly notifies law enforcement and child protective services when abuse is reported, in accordance with mandated reporter laws. The Diocese cooperates with law enforcement during any necessary investigation.

These efforts are led by the Diocesan Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults. All reports are confidential to protect the rights of the victim. Reports to the Diocese are accepted by either online submission or by phone. For online submission, please use the following URL to access our secure third-party reporting server designated for this purpose: or contact our toll-free 24-hour reporting hotline at 844372-1691.

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What is the Society of Saint Joseph?

The Society of Saint Joseph is managed by the Catholic Community Foundation of Santa Clara County and provides a way for our Church to celebrate and recognize these extraordinary acts of stewardship.

How do I become a member?

Joining the Legacy Society requires two steps:

Step 1: Arrange for a planned or deferred gift to a local parish, a Catholic elementary school, the Diocese of San Jose, or any ministry of the Diocese (endowed or non-endowed).

Step 2: Let us know of your plans by submitting the Confidential Legacy Intention Form. Download the form from the Foundation’s website ( or ask your parish to print one.

 What types of gifts qualify?

Legacy gifts take many forms. Below are some of the most common gifts that people choose.

o Bequests through wills or living trusts

o Naming as beneficiary of retirement plans

o Naming as beneficiary of insurance policies

o Naming as beneficiary of financial accounts

Please give us a call to discuss other types of gifts that might interest you.


Can I direct my legacy gift to a specific fund?

As a donor, you can choose how you would like the beneficiary to receive your legacy gift by designating it either as endowed or nonendowed. 

NON-ENDOWED GIFT - You may choose to allow those who will lead our Church in future years to decide how best to use your gift taking in consideration the needs in their time. After your lifetime, one hundred percent of your gift will be transferred directly to the beneficiary.

ENDOWED GIFT - You may choose to direct your gift to an endowment fund which permanently supports the parish, Catholic organization or area of ministry that is important to you. After your lifetime, one hundred percent of your gift will be transferred to The Catholic Community Foundation of Santa Clara County who will prudently invest the principal of the fund and distribute between 3-5% of earnings annually to the beneficiary that you selected, in perpetuity.

Whether you choose to make a non-endowed gift, an endowed gift or a combination of both, we can provide you with easy bequest language that your advisor can use when drafting your will or trust.