Public Masses will be celebrated on the front outside cement area of our church building on Saturdays at 4:00 p.m., and on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m.

Morning Mass on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: 9:30 am Private and on livestream at the Parish Facebook homepage

Reservations are not required at this time. 

We will work on how we can have one of the weekend Masses on livestream.  Thank you for your patience.


Protocols and Directives for Public Outdoor Mass:

As we start again, we are asking for your patience and understanding. We will follow the directives of the Santa Clara County Public Health Officer, who at this time is permitting outdoor worship in groups no larger than 200 persons.  (A reminder that Bishop Cantu has dispensed all from the obligation to celebrate Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation until further notice.)  If you are sick, we expect you to stay home.  If you are 65+ with ongoing health conditions, we urge you to stay home.

The new State’s Order prohibits singing and chanting activities in churches. Our Bishop Oscar Cantú has stated that our Diocese of San Jose will follow this order without exception.

We will  insist that all persons over the age of six attending these in-person Mass celebrations:

1. Wear face coverings.

2. Practice physical distancing of six feet between non-family members.

3. Sanitize their hands when entering the outdoor space and immediately before receiving Communion.

4. The manner you will receive Holy Communion will be explained at the beginning of Mass.

5. Arrive 15 minutes before Mass time please.

6. Please bring your own folding chair to sit on at Mass, mask and hand sanitizer. Extras will be available if forgotten.

7. Offertory Envelope Collection will be explained at Mass.

8. Please wait for dismissal from Ushers after Mass ends.

9. You may socialize/congregate after Mass as long as you adhere to social distancing of 6 ft and wear face coverings.


Additional Info

Required “constants” by all Mass attendees:

-Although advance registration is not necessary, upon arrival, all attendees will be required and must “sign-in” on the dated Mass Attendance Sheet.

-Wearing of facial masks (including children over 6 years of age) throughout the duration of Mass. Masks can only be removed when receiving Holy Communion.

-Social distancing (6 ft. apart) and well as Hand Sanitizing must be observed most particularly before entering the church (at the Indoor Mass) and before receiving Holy Communion (at both Outdoor and Indoor Masses). Should you forget to bring a mask, we will give you one. Hand sanitizers will be visibly placed on accessible spots in the church for your use.